Festiwal Filmu Filozoficznego

The Edifice has been selected to be part of the 6th Philosophy Film FestivalKinematograf Filozoficzny taking place this March in Krakow, Poland.

March 29th, 6pm at the KIKA studio cinema in Krakow. An evening of thematically linked films, “each of which presents different ways to understand Metaphysics” followed by an audience discussion lead by Dagmara Romanowska, film connoisseur and long-term chief of the film section at Onet.pl.”

Here is a little excerpt in English from their mostly Polish website:

The festival is a look at the art of film through the prism of philosophical assumptions; those of filmmakers, commentators, theorists and connoisseurs of cinema. One of the festival aims is to create a permanent meeting place for Polish and international artists whose sublime language of film is not just entertainment, but leads to a discussion and reflection on the universal values and vision of contemporary man.


Some Retro-Funk for February

Its that wonderful cabin fever time of the year again… This little shot of funk is a part of an art-video created in collaboration with Michael A. Robison for his show Speed Giants, Flic Flacs & Fly-aways presented at CIRCA centre d’exposition in Montreal in 2006. The title refers to the restorative and invigorating moves performed on the Asymmetric Bars in gymnastics. To realign your constitution, just watch this excerpt and follow along at home (Asymmetric Bars not required).