Oh Ba! (Hey Dad)

Day 2 of our shoot in August ’16 at Pont’Ezzu in Illorai.

In the photo above, Bachisio helps Lorenzo with his lines in Sardinian. Pont’Ezzu means “old bridge” in Sardinian (in Illorai). You can’t imagine how hot it was at 9 in the morning!

In this scene young Giovanni crosses paths with his father Giuseppe on the old Roman bridge. Hey, what an art department time saver. The rolling hills in the background were built by us though. Can’t have it all.


Here we are at Capo Camino on the 3rd day of shooting in August 2016.

Valentino Mannias improvises a modern workn’ man’s lament (that of the actor and film crew) sung in a traditional “cantilena” style. The beauty and necessity of tradition is that it anchors us through connection to the past. The burden of it is that it can become like heavy baggage. What to do?  Should tradition be static or dynamic?