Traditional Costume

Valentino Mannias and Roberta Lanave in traditional costume of Illorai. Day 5 of 5 of our shoot this summer in Sardinia on Go Ahead Turn.

Special thanks to Denise Nieddu and Maria Rosa Betti for their very generous support of this project!

Special thanks to Antonietta Lai and Demy Paletta for making it happen!


Angel in Pink

What you see on the screen is always just the tiny tip of an enormous planning iceberg. I still find it amazing, how much work actually goes into getting a few simple shots “in the can.” Alas, its the details that matter and there are plenty of them, even if its a “simple” independent shoot like ours. My mom’s cousin, Maria (or as everyone affectionately called her Zia Mari) was our home base and guardian angel in Illorai – feeding and lodging us, telling us stories; with humour and love, she was a very big and invaluable chunk of the making-of iceberg. Grazie Zia Mari!
















In The Beginning

Back in 2011 when this project began, I was lucky enough to trip around with my dad (and some new friends!) while they were all there, back in the old country, on a government sponsored trip. If you’re in this picture or if you know someone who is, please get in touch!