Green Cream (dream)

Mon. Aug. 13/95

Mr. Lovell, our grade 6,7,8 principal, and I had a heart to heart talk about why I might need to change positions at Allegro Films. It seemed that he was the big boss there. We spoke at Prince of Wales School and he invited me to walk with him (on his way down town). It was raining or snowing at one point. We missed a bus while talking. We stopped at a suburban home. I suddenly found myself with a green cream custard pastry in my hands (as we walked from the entry to the next room on the basement level of the house). A woman who was all smiles and kind of ditsy and who knew Lovell met us as I tried to guess who she was. By that time I had passed the green custard pastry to Lovell. He passed it back later and said here you’ll like this part. Inspecting it I saw two hazel nuts in the green cream.

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2 thoughts on “Green Cream (dream)

  1. I’ve heard that several Allegro employees got The Strap for poor performance. Consider yourself lucky.

    Congrats on the film.


    • Thanks Dave.

      Very fortunate indeed. Who could survive the velocity-boosting techniques of Sir Lovell (jumping off the edge of his desk!)


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