Making & Belonging

I like to explore formal composition and beauty in my work, but I also like grapple with ambiguity – those uncertain grey zones of feeling that arise when what we normally think of as objective and “real” is thrown into question.

My independent films have played at a variety of festivals in Europe, Asia, and North America while for over 15 years I’ve also worked as Graphic Designer, Art Director, and Photographer in the film and television industry. Most recently at Concordia University in Montreal, I’ve been teaching Film, Video, and Audio Production courses in the department of Communication Studies. As a second generation Canadian of Sardinian origin raised in Ontario and living in Quebec, my interest in belonging might seem like the natural outcome a soulful wanderer searching for “home.” But further along this path, at the core of my life and art, there exists a desire to respond to the irony of feeling both bound and free; directly connected to nature and yet somehow divided from it.

Although I work a lot with photographic images, I’ve come to realize finally that words and sentences are the most powerful ‘visual’ medium in their ability to engage the mind’s eye (or should I say the mind’s heart). We all know that if imagination doesn’t speak to the heart, it isn’t saying much. There, at the heart of our human matter is paradox – bound and free – and the first glimmer of metaphor. In my art and films I am trying to give form to the often fragile relationships that reflect our human nature as makers and speakers of language who are trying to belong, once again, to each other and the world.

* * *

I used to believe that cameras could tell the truth.
I now realize that its me who doing the telling.