Making & Belonging

I like to explore composition and beauty in my work, but I also like to look at ambiguity – the grey zones between what we normally think of as objective and “real” in contrast to personal, subjective impressions

My independent films have played at a variety of festivals in Europe, Asia, and North America while I’ve also worked as Graphic Designer, Art Director, and Photographer in the film and television industry for over 15 years. Most recently at Concordia University, I’ve worked as an Assistant Professor teaching film, video, and audio production. 

As a second generation Canadian with Sardinian origins who grew up in Ontario and lives in Quebec, my interest in “belonging” may seem obvious from a sociological point of view. More specifically though, at the core of my life and art is the desire to embrace the mysterious existential context of “space” that we find ourselves in, and to participate in making it a “place” of community.

* * *

I used to believe that cameras could tell the truth.
I now realize that its me who doing the telling.