Life Before Digital

If you like photography of any kind, or especially if you have a bit of dark room culture or curiosity, you will love this exhibit at the McCord Musem by Michel Campeau. Its on until May 6th. Go see it!

“The power to record things and reproduce them is exciting.”


To tax or not to tax – no simple question.

Quebec finance minister Carlos Leitao says the provincial government is prepared to impose a sales tax on SVODs in 2018 (with or without the feds). I used to (naively) be for “the tax” until I realized its a tax for consumers. I’ve always dreamed of a tax (contribution, quota – Flora MacDonald style) based on sales that would come out of Netflix’s (or any major players’) profits – not OUR pockets. Maybe that’s what the 500 million / 5 years pledge announced by Netflix a few weeks ago was all about.  One way or another, (quota or pledge) I think it would be fair – say beneficial – for all concerned that, those who stand to make great profits from Canadian consumers be much obliged thank you, to channel funds back into original Québecois and Canadian content production. If that’s what Netflix is really doing, hats off to them – Bravo! Now its high time the US Majors stepped up to repent their greedy ways.

Here are two very informative articles by Michael Geist that helped clarify the issue for me.

Netflix Canada and the Misleading Claims About “Level Playing Fields”

Think There Should be a Netflix Tax?: Why There is Nothing Stopping Canadian Subscribers From Paying Today

Some Retro-Funk for February

Its that wonderful cabin fever time of the year again… This little shot of funk is a part of an art-video created in collaboration with Michael A. Robison for his show Speed Giants, Flic Flacs & Fly-aways presented at CIRCA centre d’exposition in Montreal in 2006. The title refers to the restorative and invigorating moves performed on the Asymmetric Bars in gymnastics. To realign your constitution, just watch this excerpt and follow along at home (Asymmetric Bars not required).

The Edifice @ 38th Concordia Film Festival

The Edifice will be screening as part of the GRADUATE’S SCREENING of the 38th Concordia Film Festival

Thursday, May 12 – 18:00 – 20:00 (6 to 8 pm)
1564 ST-DENIS (coin De Maisonneuve) (Métro BERRI-UQAM)

Tickets are $8.00 – available at the Cinérobothèque – open every day except Monday (from 12 to 9pm)

Check the festival website for more info…

Hope to see you there!