I love my culture of deduction

from Notes: February 1, 2020 at 4:20 PM I love my culture of deduction. How can I not? It’s sooo cool, so powerful, so cutting-edge. My culture of deduction is

The double-yous of existence.

Who I am is really a question of where and when I feel what. Got any existential W configurations you’d like to share?

Place is time, remembered.

Thinking about “place” this morning, how it is something more than a strictly physical location, I was inspired by this Emergence Magazine article “Counter Mapping” which talks about indigenous Zuni

Life Before Digital

If you like photography of any kind, or especially if you have a bit of dark room culture or curiosity, you will love this exhibit at the McCord Musem by Michel Campeau. Its

Canuck in Space

A really interesting article on how, once again, the NFB and Kubrick were on the leading edge of ‘voicing’ the future. From the New York Times article: Why A.I. First Spoke

To tax or not to tax – no simple question.

Quebec finance minister Carlos Leitao says the provincial government is prepared to impose a sales tax on SVODs in 2018 (with or without the feds). I used to (naively) be

Music calms the savage beast. But…

Artificial Intelligence music? Not really but fun-key 🙂

New distribution opportunities at home

Demand.Film launches in Canada The Australia-based company is looking to tap under-served audiences and under-used cinema space with its crowdsourced screenings. By Jordan Pinto Demand.Film, an Australia-based firm that organizes one-night


Endearing video of Frank Sanna’s and Emily Pelstring’s Communication Studies students at Concordia University (2014-15) learning to use the Bolex film camera (basically, filming themselves with rigour and abandon in the courtyard

Traditional Costume

Valentino Mannias and Roberta Lanave in traditional costume of Illorai. Day 5 of 5 of our shoot this summer in Sardinia on Go Ahead Turn. Special thanks to Denise Nieddu