Making & Belonging

I’m looking to create classic beauty and composition in my work, yes. But I also like to grapple with ambiguity and vulnerable feelings – those moments when something familiar is thrown into question or is somehow revealed in a different and often mysterious light.

My independent films have played at festivals in Europe, Asia, and North America while for over 15 years I’ve also worked as Graphic Designer, Art Director, and Photographer in the film and television industry. Inspired by and complementing these efforts, I also teach Film, Video, and Audio production in the department of Communication Studies and the Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema at Concordia University.

I’m a 2nd generation Canadian of Sardinian origin. I grew up in the Niagara region of Southern Ontario and lived in Toronto briefly before making Montreal my home in the early 90s.When taking pictures – pointing, framing, and recording with a camera – I’m looking for images that recall our senses and the raw, live, impressions we grasp and share. Any stories I manage to tell inevitably say something about how feelings are the common ground of what is real. Attentive to how we try to belong, our desire to connect and tie things together, I’m often called to wonder: What is the world made of ? … andWhat will we make of it ?

In life and learning my interests are multi-cultural, anthropological, and philosophical to say the least. I’m curious about the world stage and welcome contact from others interested in opportunities to collaborate and share knowledge in creative, academic, and cultural projects.

In poetry, art, and all forms of language, metaphor illuminates the common sense of feelings that we share, about forces and elements of a mysterious world.