I love my culture of deduction

from Notes: February 1, 2020 at 4:20 PM

I love my culture of deduction.

How can I not? It’s sooo cool, so powerful, so cutting-edge. My culture of deduction is a power I cannot help but love. It has made me who I am, like any culture does. Like every culture does. And all the cultures, these days more and more, hold rational deduction up as their highest value. Deduction is held so high it has trouble seeing its own feet. Deduction has done away with feet, deduced them right out of the park. Deduction has no tools, no machine or computers that are adept at placing value on feet, or feelings, or the ground upon which they all rest.

Super deducer. You can’t get better than that. Seducer.

Ambiguity is the enemy deduction. It must be removed. It must be devalued and it must never claim to have helped deduction get to the top. On the contrary. Deduction must put ambiguity in its place. Out of play. Out of the way. Out of sight and mind.

I wish my culture would turn around, come around, look down. I wish it would remember that the mind and body are one and together they cannot forget – whatever it was that we did with ambiguity to make us who we are today.

(discovery that has no reason)