The Edifice – Best Experimental Film @ Niagara Indi FilmFest

I was honored to receive an award for the Best Experimental Film at this year’s Niagara Indi FilmFest in St. Catharines, Ontario. It was great to see the selection of eclectic films and to be able to show my work with some family and friends in attendance. Also very stimulating were the conversations with total strangers, like Paul, a documentary filmmaker, who swore that he had  been to a “place” in my film… or  that he had seen it in a dream since it evoked such a vivid recollection. After some discussion it became clear that his memory of the beige room was indeed a dream image since Paul had never actually been to the defunct Dow Brewery here in Montreal. Click on image below for a glimpse of Paul’s dream in The Edifice.

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