Go Ahead Turn

Feature-length, documentary essay by Frank Sanna
currently in post-production.
Questing with a camera, and interacting with his son and father, a filmmaker of Sardinian origin explores the poetics of connection and belonging.

I see poetics (like mythology) as any human gesture of tying things together. Especially when it comes as an intuitive response to the mystery of being alive. Its our ability to see what is similar between dissimilar things.  Like how a river and the wind might be considered similar because they both flow, or both carry things. In our modern and rational society, I think we have forgotten this… that knowing begins without reason, and that the world is ‘made up’ or built up from poetic forms of connection.

Acknowledging and exploring life’s mystery and ambiguity, just as Sardinian Poets do in their improvised chanted debates, is what “poetics” are all about. It’s what, in the first place, makes us human.

The way we connect to the world has changed.
This film is about resonating with the value of poetics and getting back in touch with its reality.

This project is being supported by the Canada Council for the Arts, The National Film Board of Canada’s Filmmakers Assistance Program and by the Fondazione Pinuccio Sciola.