The double-yous of existence.

Who I am is really a question of where and when I feel what. Got any existential W configurations you’d like to share?

Place is time, remembered.

Thinking about “place” this morning, how it is something more than a strictly physical location, I was inspired by this Emergence Magazine article “Counter Mapping” which talks about indigenous Zuni

Life Before Digital

If you like photography of any kind, or especially if you have a bit of dark room culture or curiosity, you will love this exhibit at the McCord Musem by Michel Campeau. Its

Canuck in Space

A really interesting article on how, once again, the NFB and Kubrick were on the leading edge of ‘voicing’ the future. From the New York Times article: Why A.I. First Spoke

To tax or not to tax – no simple question.

Quebec finance minister Carlos Leitao says the provincial government is prepared to impose a sales tax on SVODs in 2018 (with or without the feds). I used to (naively) be

Music calms the savage beast. But…

Artificial Intelligence music? Not really but fun-key 🙂

New distribution opportunities at home

Demand.Film launches in Canada The Australia-based company is looking to tap under-served audiences and under-used cinema space with its crowdsourced screenings. By Jordan Pinto Demand.Film, an Australia-based firm that organizes one-night


Endearing video of Frank Sanna’s and Emily Pelstring’s Communication Studies students at Concordia University (2014-15) learning to use the Bolex film camera (basically, filming themselves with rigour and abandon in the courtyard

Traditional Costume

Valentino Mannias and Roberta Lanave in traditional costume of Illorai. Day 5 of 5 of our shoot this summer in Sardinia on Go Ahead Turn. Special thanks to Denise Nieddu

Angel in Pink

What you see on the screen is always just the tiny tip of an enormous planning iceberg. I still find it amazing, how much work actually goes into getting a few simple shots